If you are bypassing the spring and summer homebuying rush, your next opportunity is fall. What are some of the benefits of moving in the fall?

  1. It is generally more affordable to move during the fall months
  2. Movers will have more availability and are more likely to meet your schedule
  3. Keep colder weather and shorter days in mind when trying to complete your move in one day
  4. There may be unexpected inventory as sellers move for the holidays.

Although school is in full swing and transferring can be difficult, there are a lot of people who make their move in the fall months. Where will you live this fall and winter? If you are planning a fall season home purchase and move, you should plan for a few unplanned scenarios. If you are headed North late in the year being prepared for adverse weather conditions is important.   Planning for the moving company’s schedule to arrive with your furnishings may propose a problem if you wait till winter.

Take Richmond, VA for example. The weather is usually mild until deep into the winter months and your window of time to move without weather issues is open with no need to rush. If you plan to enjoy the benefits of the fall leaves and beauty in the RVA area you might want to plan your move schedule by November 1st.

This timeline would indicate that you are currently in the middle of August searching for the home now so that you can get closed and on your way.

If you are looking to relocate to the RVA are this fall we can begin the home search for you.

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