Sadly, this year may inhibit family and friends from gathering in large gatherings due to the pandemic. Most states are wearing masks and still practicing social distancing.

In the past, a family would drive across the country to get to a family member’s home for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and celebrations.  This year may look slightly different. Will families be toasting their glass up to the computer screen on a Zoom or Skype virtual gathering? What will family holiday gatherings look like during a pandemic?

Here are a few ideas for families to feel close and enjoy the holidays during a pandemic.

  1. Make the most of the traditions you can safely continue. You can still decorate your home inside and out for Halloween and carve pumpkins. You can bake pumpkin pies and desserts as you have done in the past. You can enjoy your favorite bags of candy and plan indoor activities with the kids to win candy. You can cook up your great-grandmother’s cornbread stuffing for Thanksgiving and use the Halloween candy to decorate a Gingerbread house.
  2. You can gather the family to create homemade holiday cards and send sweet treats to family members by mail or shipping.
  3. You can still safely decorate your home inside and out for Christmas. You can get a tree and celebrate as you would in holidays past. And you can definitely drive around town and look at everyone else’s holiday decorations. The best part is the traditional hot chocolate.
  4. Keep a festive holiday spirit in your home.  Play music, read stories, watch holiday movies, and keep your home bustling with sights and sounds of the holiday season.
  5. Make a list of all the things you can do safely and sit down as a family and make your holiday plans.
  6. Go virtual. Post images on social media so other family members can see, comment, and share. Take selfies and start a group text and share holiday moments through text messages.
  7. Take a picture lighting the Menorah and cook your family’s great Hanukkah foods