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Sid Stewart


Sid Stewart is a licensed realtor here in the Richmond, VA metro area. He is associated with EXP Realty.

Sid is proud father of 3 wonderful children (Sidney, Samaya, and Savien). He is also extremely blessed, lucky, fortunate, and any other wonderful adjective that you be able to think of……to be married to a wonderful woman named Syreeta. He’s a native of Philadelphia, PA and he attended Delaware State University in Dover, Delaware (right across the street from the Nascar Racetrack at Dover Downs – I’m sure you Nascar fans are familiar with this stadium 🙂 ).

In the past Sid has personally bought and sold multiple houses in his life time. Needless to say, he totally understands the anxiety that comes along with trying to find the home of your dreams, wondering if your house is going to sell fast, wanting to get top dollar for the sale of your home, transitioning in between the selling and buying process of a home, not knowing whether your offer on that home that you love so much will be accepted by the seller or if you may get beat out by that pesky investor or other couple, from relocating to a whole new city (by the way, he’s done this twice), will I get the needed financing to buy the house that I want and if I can’t, what am I going to do next? Believe it or not, Sid has faced all of these challenges himself, so he knows exactly what you are dealing with.

But guess what……since he has gone through the trouble already of dealing with all of these situations and emotions that can give you heartburn, to the point that you will need to take a Tums (TUM….TUM….TUM….TUM-TUMs! remember that commercial?). So I am sure that no one wants to get heartburn right? Well that’s where Sid comes in.

With his personal experience and professional knowledge as a licensed Realtor, it is his job to put those anxieties at ease. While at Delaware State University, he was a captain of the football team, where he helped lead young men out to battle on the grid iron. During those battles, a lot of his competitiveness came out in order to be an example and leader for his teammates. Of course, during those games they ran into plenty of adversity and heartaches, but his teammates trusted and relied on him to lead them during the time of adversity, as it was his duty and responsibility to perform. Just as he has led those young men, he will lead you to the right decisions when it comes to either buying your next dream home or selling the current home that you are in.

That same competitiveness described earlier will also be applied when he is working on your behalf and ensuring that you are represented to the best of his abilities. I hope that this gives you a little bit of a better picture of who Sid is and how he can help you with your next real estate transaction.

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